Girl Geek Dinners – Michigan | #GGDMI



Hello and Welcome

From the team at Michigan Girl Geeks,  I’d like to welcome you to the blog! Part of the Geek Girl Dinners movement, the goal of these events is to connect women in technology and provide a fun environment for networking, idea sharing and just plain fun. This blog acts as an announcement venue and place to share ideas as well as a place to virtually build the Michigan Geek Girl community.

Founded in 2005, the Girl Geek Dinners movement has grown rapidly, evolving from one woman with an idea to a membership consisting of 57 groups worldwide and a population of 25,000 to 45,000. To me, this indicates a strong voice eminating from geeky women worldwide eager to connect with others of their ilk.  Let’s get this ball rolling!

Find it!

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